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A new Bond game for Playstation 2 called Agent Under Fire will be released in Fall/Winter 2001.

Whitney Houston Reportedly Lined Up for Bond Film

Connery shaken, not stirred, by his Bond roles--Yahoo article

ABC has aquired the TV rights to 13 Bond films. Read the press release.

Roger Moore escaped from a minor car accident unharmed. Read the article.

People prefer Indiana Jones over 007 according to a new survey.

The rumor that Matthew Perry may be the next Bond has been denied by Perry himself.

Never Say Never Again has been released for purchase on DVD.

There are glitches in the Wave 3 Bond DVD's.

EON has denied the rumors that Aston Martin has been signed for the next movie.

The third wave of Bond dvds have been released. You can buy them here.

You can now buy The World Is Not Enough video game for Nintendo 64, Playstation, and Playstation 2.

The "teaser poster" that has been running around the web has been confirmed as a fake.

This December there will be a Licence To Kill Bond Event in England.

The real MI6 was bombed by a small missile. Read the article here.

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