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IGN.com has some new information on the N64 TWINE game.

A new site can take your name and make it into a Bond girl's name. Try it out here!

There is a problem with tracks 21 and 22 on the TMWTGG DVD on specific DVD players. For help in the US call 1-877 MGM - 4YOU.

Bond 20 may be filmed in Ireland and involve the IRA according to The Sunday Times.

According to The News Of The World, the new car will be an Aston Marton based on the DB7 Vantage.

JamesBond.com has stated that the new M rumor is completely false.

M has been rumored to be replaced by Edward Woodward according to The Mirror.

You can buy both the TWINE video/dvd or the James Bond Wave 2 Collection.

The first Bond 20 ScreenSaver has been released.

The website for the TWINE video game has been updated

The James Bond Story documentary has been released on DVD and VHS

Chromatic Records is releasing a Trip-Hop Bond compilation this summer.

Roger Moore will once again play a spy in the upcoming thriller The Enemy.

The For Your Eyes Only Soundtrack has been re-released.

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