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Lotus Esprit
Moore and Lotus TSWLM LotusLotus No. 2 The Lotus Esprit became Moore's car, just as the Aston Martin had become Connery's. Featured in The Spy Who Loves Me and For Your Eyes Only, it was nicknamed "Wet Nellie" after "Little Nellie" of You Only Live Twice. While at first the car seemed to be only a land vehicle, it was quickly revealed to be a fully functional submarine as well. The car also had all of Q's usual accessories including surface-to-air missiles, depth charges, underwater smoke screens, and torpedoes. The car survived its first adventure, but fell victim to destruction in For Your Eyes Only. After that, Q equipped Bond with yet another Lotus, this time a red one which Ferrara was killed in.

Some history submitted by Kurt Kahl: Penned by the famous Italian car designer, Guigiaro, the Lotus bowed in 1972 at the Turin Motor Show. The white Lotus in TSWLM is one of the first production models and is equipped with a 2.0L 16V Inline 4 cylinder with only 140hp. The turbo model debuted in 1980 with a 2.2L 16V Inline 4 cylinder turbo developing about 210hp. Of course, the turbo model is the type that Moore drove in FYEO. I had the chance to drive a 1978 Esprit model and found it breathtakingly beautiful on the outside, but extremely uncomfortable and underpowered. With the Webers at full lock, though, the little four does make great noises behind your head, reminded me of when 007 accelerates up the road to avoid the sidecar missle of an enemy in TSWLM. O-60 times for the to cars are under nine seconds and high 5 seconds, respectively. (Written by Kurt Kahl)

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