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London, England

All over England there are Bond and Bond related places and things to see. On my travels I saw 10 Downing Street, the home of the Prime Minister seen in For Your Eyes Only. Sadly the armed guards wouldn't let me close enough to take a photo so rather than cause an international incident I left quietly. Next I took pictures of the Houses of Parliment. Those buildings were the fictitious home of MI6 for most of the early movies. Once again the photos were not meant to be as my camera broke and I had to sacrifice the roll. Below are some Bond-related photos, although they have nothing to do with scenes from the movies.

[Bond Street] Bond Street
One of the nicer streets in England, Bond Street is just a short walk from Saville Row where 007 gets all his fine suits made.
The Odeon Theater
The Odeon Theater in the heart of Leicester Square is where the world premire of Tomorrow Never Dies took place. Although it is now only playing in one minor theater it is still a site to see.
[Brosnan's Hand] Pierce Brosnan's Hands
Surrounding Leicester Square are handprints of hundreds of movie stars. Amongst the plethora of plaques are 007 himself, Pierce Brosnan's. Put there in 1995, the plaque celebrates the release of GoldenEye.
Tomorrow Never Dies Poster
Back at the Odeon Theater, the English quad poster for TND is still proudly displayed.
[John Barry] John Barry in concert
Although John Barry hasn't scored a Bond film in quite a while, he is still quite popular. This is a poster for a concert by Barry in which many Bond themes are listed as a part of the program.

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