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Hong Kong
[The Peninsula] The Peninsula Hotel
Andrea Andress stays here, in the lovely Peninsula Hotel. It is very pricy but the inside is beautiful.
The Green Rolls Royces
When Bond is first following Andrea Andress, he is stopped by Mary Goodnite. At first he is angry, but then Mary informed him that the car she was driving, a green Rolls Royce, is registered to the Peninsula Hotel. In fact, all green Rolls Royces belong to the Peninsula Hotel in the movie AND in real life.
[Rolls Royce]
[Ferry] The Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal with hydrofoil
Bond also traveled to Hong Kong in Raymond Benson's book, Zero Minus Ten. While there, he had to use the hydrofoil. This is where it departs from.
The Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank Building
Still in Zero Minus Ten, after the assassination of Guy Thackeray, Bond chased the killer into this prominant bank. There, he chased the killer to his death.

In You Only Live Twice, when Bond is thought to be dead, his obituary is written in the Hong Kong Standard. This is what the newspaper looks like today. It is in English and costs six Hong Kong Dollars.

Photos taken by Jeremy Weinstein.

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