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Site History

Since its inception on April 3, 1996, Universal Exports has undergone countless changes and updates, including five distinct versions of the site. This page explores the history of the site through sample images of the old formats as well as their highlights and the letters I wrote at their launch. Enjoy and stay tuned for images of Version 1.0...as soon as I find the disc!

Version 1.5

Site History Site History Site History
Version 1.5 was a huge upgrade, adding frames and the first drop-down navigation boxes as well as an early search engine.


  • Frames navagation interface
  • The introduction of the various sections
  • Drop-down menus

Version 2.0

Site History Site History Site History
Version 2.0 premired around the site's second anniversary. As Universal Exports was growing quickly, a new interface was needed to manage the host of information.


  • News bar on main page
  • Section and page header graphics
  • The Bond Store
  • A simple search engine
  • Read more

Version 3.0

Site History Site History Site History
To prepare for the release of The World is Not Enough, the site once again needed a functionality upgrade. As frames had gone out of style, I began to look for other ways to address the navagation issues of the site.


  • Frames navagation interface eliminated
  • Latest news section introduced
  • The Bond Store opened
  • The World is Not Enough section was created
  • Read more

Version 4.0

Site History Site History Site History
Version 4.0 kept many of the changes in 3.0 while streamlining the look and feel of the site with banners and other aesthetic changes.


  • Content-tables were introduced, keeping all pages optimized for 800x600
  • Key Links and Highlights eased navigation on all section pages
  • Blue was adopted as a consistent color throughout the site
  • The MI6 Debriefing Room debuted
  • The site had it's one millionth visitor on July 27, 2003
  • Read more

Version 5.0

Site History Site History Site History
2004 brough about the debut of the completely redesigned Universal Exports version 5.0. For the first time, the site was converted to .shtml format, which allowed for quick and easy global changes to the site.


  • Site converted to .shtml
  • First functional top navigation bar introduced
  • Green chosen as the official site color
  • Main section pages redesigned and streamlined
  • Search function upgraded
  • Site map added
  • Read more

Version 5.5

Site History Site History Site History
For the second time in 2004, UnivEx underwent a facelift. This time the change was far easier, thanks to the .shtml format that had been implemented months earlier.


  • New top navagation bar added
  • Section pages reorganized and reformatted
  • Section banners began being resized to make use of larger monitor resolutions
  • News outsourced to CBn
  • 3 column main page format added
  • Google Ads added
  • Read more

Version 6

Site History Site History Site History
While previous redesigns were mostly cosmetic, Universal Exports 6.0 is the first major change since frames were eliminated back in Version 3. The new site is sure to help UnivEx continue growing well into the future.


  • Site optimization changed from 800x600 to 1024x768
  • New dhtml drop down menu system added to each page, linking to every page in the site
  • Sections were condensed, moved and eliminated to streamline the site
  • The UnivEx Mall added to the right hand side of all pages
  • A news ticker was added to the main page
  • Banner sizes changed to wider and shorter to get info higher up on your screen
  • Search engine outsourced to Google
  • Read more

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