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Universal Exports Resources
Welcome to the Universal Exports Editorials section, featuring essays and features on various aspects of the Bond phenomenon. Here you will find pieces that may be a bit controversial, or they may conform to your exact view of an issue. As always, contributions in the form of essays (400 word minimum) are more than welcome. To submit a piece, please e-mail Greg.

Live and Let Die is the Film Most True to Ian Fleming Live and Let Die is the Film Most True to Ian Fleming

It’s not the best James Bond movie by a long shot. But the spirit of Ian Fleming hangs over the proceedings.

By Justin O'Hanley | 9.7.18

Declassified MI6 Documents: Dossier 2 (A Dose of Americana and the Aston Martin DBS) Declassified MI6 Documents: Dossier 2 (A Dose of Americana and the Aston Martin DBS)
In this series, Kit Sullivan continues to look at what Q's dossiers on James Bond's cars may have contained. Dossier 2 features full reports on the Aston Martin DBS from On Her Majesty's Secret Service, the Ford Mustang from Diamonds are Forever and the AMC Hornet X from The Man With the Golden Gun.
By Kit Sullivan | 2.22.10

Declassified MI6 Documents: Dossier 1 (007 and the Aston Martin DB5) Declassified MI6 Documents: Dossier 1 (007 and the Aston Martin DB5)
In this series, Kit Sullivan presents a look at what Q's dossiers on James Bond's cars may have contained. These detailed reports contain information on the cars themselves, coverage of Bond's mission in these cars and recaps written years later by Kit.
By Kit Sullivan | 12.9.08

James Bond: Why Connery Will Always Be the Benchmark James Bond: Why Connery Will Always Be the Benchmark
We all know that Sean Connery will forever be the gold standard to which all other actors who dare portray 007 will be compared against. Is that a fair situation, given the extraordinary level of talent and ability that each Bond-next have brought to their interpretation?
By Kit Sullivan | 5.2.08

Editorial Pierce Brosnan: The Cocky Bond
Any Bond fan knows that each actor to have played James Bond has defined the character in his own unique way. For instance, many see Sean Connery as “The Tough Bond” (or “The Best Bond.”) George Lazenby is usually defined by his tenure as “The One-Time Bond” (or “That Guy After Connery.”) However, I’m here to suggest a new nickname for Pierce Brosnan, the 5th actor to wear the famous tuxedo: “The Cocky Bond.”
By Derek Shiekhi | 1.13.08

Editorial Casino Royale: A New Beginning or a Dead End?
Casino Royale is a remarkable film by itself, and a phenomenal Bond film. Barbara Brocolli, Michael G. Wilson, and the rest of the creative team all succeeded in successfully “re-launching” the series and giving a fresh new take on the character of Bond himself. However, what comes next will determine the films fate.
By Chris Osman | 8.15.07

Editorial Why Daniel Craig Will Never Be the Number One Bond
I think it's safe to say that Craig is only the second Bond actor who has the pedigree to become number one. But, the problem is will the traditionalist Bond fans who praise Connery and could never imagine putting anyone above the great Scot, be able to swallow the fact that Craig may just be the better Bond?
By Adam Farrington-Williams | 8.10.07

Editorial Die Another Day: A Film of Two Halves
By no means am I a fan of Die Another Day. In fact, I regularly rate it the worst Bond film of the series. The cringe-worthy dialogue, the repetitive settings, the redundant plot, pathetic acting, safe directing and lazy screen writing all contribute to this negative view on the twentieth Bond film. But, what many Bond fans may not consider is that the first half an hour of the film is quite possibly the best Bond beginning in the history of the series.
By Adam Farrington-Williams | 8.9.07

Editorial A Shared Bond: Casino Royale Feature
James Bond. He’s a charming, English, gentleman spy; a connoisseur of fine wines, food, and cars; a sharpened, lethal instrument of Her Majesty’s government; and a cannibal. Or at least the actors who play him are cannibals. Each man’s success, or lack thereof, seems to consume the actor who comes after him. Daniel Craig may have it hard, but it’s apparently just part of being initiated into the 007 actors club.
By Derek Shiekhi | 11.16.06

Editorial Give Craig A Chance, Will You?
As the cinematic world awaits the release of the twenty-first Bond film, Casino Royale, extreme criticism has come down upon the newly elected Bond...Daniel Craig. Let me just reinforce it for those of you living in the past: Daniel Craig is James Bond.
By Adam Farrington-Williams | 11.10.06

Editorial Casino Royale or: How Nobody Started Worrying or Cared Whether Q or Moneypenny Were in the Movie
Q and Moneypenny won’t be in Casino Royale. If we were waiting on the fifth Pierce Brosnan movie, this would be a big deal. But we’re not, as you might have noticed. We’re moving into the Daniel Craig era, and, as if he wasn’t polarising enough, we’re also going right back to the start of 007’s career.
By Allan Johnstone | 11.10.06

Editorial John Glen- Nobody Does It Better
Whilst viewing all the Bond films again in one of my Bond marathons, it again became clear to me that John Glen's direction of the Bond series has not been surpassed to date. Furthermore, to demonstrate the luminosity Glen brought to the series, it is interesting to note that 'Octopussy' received praise from the one and only, Sean Connery, for its brilliant action sequences.
By Adam Farrington-Williams | 11.10.06

Editorial No Mr. Bond, I Expect You to Die
James Bond is in trouble. This time there is no golden bullet with his name on it, nor some assassin lying in weight. Not even a woman to win over or glory to be won. Rather the forces of history, bad decision-making and horrible timing are the hands that are ever so slightly, tightening around his throat.
By Chris Osman | 1.7.05

Editorial Op Ed: The Bond Comparison
OK...I am starting to be really confused about this "who is the best Bond Crap?” I need to provide a perspective few people have viewed before. First off, I don't like people disrespecting Roger Moore or only respecting Connery. We all know Connery was the first and original screen Bond, but that doesn't always mean anything.
By Greg Lamont | 1.7.05

Editorial The Deteriorating Essential Element of the Formula:
The Bond Villain

One of the quite plausible reasons the films of the 1990s and onward will never match the heroics of a Fleming story is the simple reason of the deteriorating Bond villain. A villain as a true nemeses has been almost non-existent since Licence to Kill, which was the last film in which the main 'bad guy' (Robert Davi?s Franz Sanchez) lived up to his true title.
By Adam Farrington-Williams | 12.23.04

Editorial The 1980s: EON's Finest Era?
Some Bond fans say the series? finest period was the 1960s. I tend to disagree and lean more towards the 1980s. The acting and the plots became better in this era. The best James Bond film is Octopussy and what era was that? The 80s of course: 1983 to be exact. The Bond series acquired a few more beauties: For Your Eyes Only, The Living Daylights and Licence To Kill.
By Adam Farrington-Williams | 12.23.04

Editorial It's Time to Take a Punt at The Gardner and Benson Novels
Ever since the early 90s, Bond fans have been puzzled as to why EON has refused to adapt the continuation novels for their own films. Whether the producers are weak or just intellectually conservative, noone can really tell. But the fact is that there are 21 genuinely enthralling novels still sitting in the closet, waiting to be adapted to film.
By Adam Farrington-Williams | 12.23.04

Editorial David Arnold: The Perfect Replacement for John Barry
From the very first electric gun-barrel cue in Tomorrow Never Dies, to the very sexy ?Going Down Together? track in Die Another Day, Bond music-lovers could tell this young composer had something special to offer the series?, already celebrated music style. That first gun-barrel cue closely rivals the Barry gun-barrels of The Man With The Golden Gun, Moonraker, Octopussy, A View To A Kill and finally, The Living Daylights.
By Adam Farrington-Williams | 12.23.04

Editorial Forget Wade, Bring Back Felix!
Since the brutal mauling of Bond?s closest friend and ally Felix Leiter in Licence To Kill, the Bond audience has failed to see the return of the best Bond ally of the series! Instead, in 1995?s GoldenEye, we met the arrogant Jack Wade who has seemingly replaced the once favoured Leiter. But now the time has come. A new era in the franchise should see the return of Felix Leiter!
By Adam Farrington-Williams | 11.12.04

Editorial John Gardner Saved the Literary Series
The third Bond novelist, John Gardner owns the crown of "most Bond novels written" (16 in total), ahead of the series' creator, Ian Fleming, who amassed 14 novels in his time. Colonel Sun almost destroyed the series. The sales were poor, the story unimaginative and, as a result, Amis's Colonel Sun was his first and final Bond novel. There's no question that John Gardner saved the literary series!
By Adam Farrington-Williams | 11.10.04

Editorial The Many Faces of Bond Fans
Being a James Bond fanatic brings about interesting and unique consequences. One being despite the many decades of history, you can surely sift through and identify what is relevant, what you enjoy, and what you view to be something that is entirely true to the Bond universe. With this however, another interesting situation arises.
By Chris Osman | 11.9.04

Editorial For Your Eyes Only: The First Part in a Trilogy of Evil!
The 1980s may not seem it, but they really did represent a dip in the quality of the Bond movies. Bond no longer felt alive, as it did in the 60s; it no longer had the quaint patriotic charm of the 70s. These Bond films, for the most part, are mechanical exercises in removing any colour left in the old dog. This began in For Your Eyes Only, continued in A View to a Kill, and concluded with Licence to Kill.
By Allan Johnstone | 7.14.04

Editorial The Problem With Henchmen Today
The Henchmen started out well enough. They were resourceful, evil, and down right scary. They would always appear when you least suspected it. However, as time went on they seemed to have lost their way. No longer were they a threat. No longer were they a menacing scary figure. Now they were more or less a distraction, an annoying creature who ended up just being brushed aside.
By Chris Osman 7.14.04

Editorial Why Quentin Tarantino Needs to Direct a Bond Film
The number one and the absolute ONLY reason Quentin will not ever be allowed to make a Bond movie: he demand's control over his films. As do the Broccoli's. And damn them for it. I mean, thank god for EON and for the hours of entertainment they've given us with that stiff-ass Brit, but damn them for almost never taking a chance with him.
By Jesse W | 7.14.04

Editorial Roger Moore, Did He Save the Series?
We laughed at him, mocked him and criticised him. Many Bond fans disliked, even hated the way Roger Moore portrayed Bond in his films, but could he be responsible for Bond?s continual success? In theory, if another OHMSS had been made, or Lazenby had continued, Bond would have died a slow death. However the series stayed stable because Roger Moore. So next time you deem Moore awful, rubbish, pathetic just think....he could well be responsible for Bond being as popular as he is today.
By Jay Harlow | 7.14.04

Editorial Licence to Kill - An Ian Fleming Film: A Rebuttal
In response to the editorial about how Dalton's performance in License to Kill is closer to Fleming's characterization of Bond, I have to say that this fact does not redeem the film. Fleming's Bond is cold and charmless, with hardly a trace of humour, in Fleming's own words, "a cardboard booby." Did Timothy Dalton, who's only research for the part seemed to be the review of the novels, know that Bond's own creator wasn't all that impressed with the literary Bond?
By Slyke Zero | 6.16.04

Editorial Pierce Brosnan Will Return: A Logical Approach
It's pretty much common knowledge that MGM hasn't been doing so well lately. The franchise that is pretty much keeping them from not going deeper in the red is James Bond. Financially speaking, it doesn't make a lot of sense for them to fire Brosnan. As the old saying goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."
By Chris Osman | 3.18.04

Editorial GoldenEye Made Bond Cool for Kids Again
In the era before GoldenEye's release, Bond had become more of a "Dad's hero" than an everyone's man. Read how Pierce Brosnan's first film was instrumental to turning the franchise around.
By Greg Goodman | 3.15.04

Editorial Licence To Kill - An Ian Fleming Film
Although Licence to Kill was the first James Bond film to have a title and story not based on a Fleming novel, it was the first Bond film to stay true to his style and portrayal of 007. Read why the film has gotten a bad rap over the years and how reading the novels changed the author's opinion.
By Chris Osman | 3.15.04

Editorial Martial Arts In American Movies: Before Bruce Lee
There Was BOND!

Conventional "entertainment history" suggests that martial arts in American movies began with in the 1970s with Bruce Lee's Enter The Dragon. However, 10 years earlier James Bond regularly employed judo & karate techniques to subdue killer agents of SPECTRE...and the beautiful women employed to seduce Bond.
By Michael Quebec | 3.15.04

Editorial Was Albert R. Broccoli an Overrated Hack?
Ask a random person to name a scene from For Your Eyes Only and I bet you they will probably draw a blank. Ask them about one from Goldfinger, they will say the laser table scene. This editorial debates that Cubby never had a solid grasp of what made great Bond movie and was reliant on Harry Salzman.
By Allan Johnstone | 3.15.04

Editorial My Two Cents On: Bond Girls Rivaling Bond
While Stacey Sutton is not a well-liked character, I'd say the common fan doesn't realize how good and how needed she actually is. Yes, she is very annoying, and the whole geologist gimmick is more unbelievable then Denise Richards being a nuclear physicist...but she was really the last female to fit the 'traditional' Bond girl profile.
By Jordan Petrie | 3.15.04
Note: The opinions expressed in these editorials are not necessarily that of the Webmaster of this site. These are fan-submitted pieces.

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