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License To Thrill Ride

at Paramount's King's Dominion

What Bond fan has not had the desire to step into the shoes of Bond, James Bond? At Paramount's Kings Dominion, one can do just that. The first step into the life of Bond comes on the sweltering line to get in. Throughout the line the Bond themes are blasting away and one can't help but sing along. Also featured along the wait are Bond's BMW motorcycle from Tomorrow Never Dies as well as some crates shipped by Universal Exports: even I don't know what's inside them. Once inside, M will inform you that everyone there has applied for a double-o position and that you will ride alongside Bond while MI6 evaluates your physical response.

License To ThrillAfter listening to a top secret debriefing by Q and M, a slew of lucky agents are strapped into (literally) the adventures of 007. As the theater darkens, the Bond music begins to play and the classic gun barrel sequence rolls. However, this time Bond is shooting at you and boy can you feel the jolt.

The adventure begins with the beautiful seismologist Dr. Callie Reeves being kidnapped by the evil techno-terrorist Gunther Thorne. Over the next four minutes you will ride motorcycles, jet boats, planes, trains, and experience free fall. The whole while the entire audience is being jolted, jerked, shaken, and of course, stirred.

The stunts were incredible and the dialogue was well written by GoldenEye and Tomorrow Never Dies screenwriter, Bruce Feirstein. My only qualm is the voice of Bond, I would have loved for Brosnan (or Connery for that matter) to vocalize the agent they portray. Instead, there was some guy who didn't sound British at all.

After walking out of the theater, all I could thinks was how great it would be if one could experience all Bond movies this way. I was ready to get back on line and do it again but alas; my friends were not so Bond happy. However, even the non-Bond fans had a great time and everyone felt the burning desire to have a Bond-a-thon: naturally I mentioned my tape collection and that took care of the rest of the night.

So if you're in the neighborhood of Kings Dominion, fancy a trip to Virginia, or happen to live close by, License To Thrill is definitely worth checking out. A perfect introduction to the world of 007 for beginners, and a dream come true for fanatics such as myself.

King's Dominion's Ride Description:

Come and experience unprecedented action and adventure in Paramount's Kings Dominion's ride-simulator theater, the Paramount Action FX Theater.

Featuring some of the most spectacular air, land and sea stunts ever filmed, James Bond 007: License To Thrill takes moviegoers "alongside" James Bond as he initiates a series of spectacular stunts in the style that has mad the "Bond" series history's most successful feature film franchise.


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