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The Bond Girls
[Baby Honey Ryder Image] Actress: Ursula Andress
Role: Honey Ryder
First Appearance: Dr. No--1962
Photo taken: Late 1950's
[Baby Trench Image] Actress: Eunice Gayson
Role: Sylvia Trench
First Appearance: Dr. No--1962
Photo taken: Mid 1950's
[Baby Ms. Taro Image] Actress: Zena Marshall
Role: Ms. Taro
First Appearance: Dr. No--1962
Photo taken: Early 1950's
[Baby Pussy Galore Image] Actress: Honor Blackman
Role: Pussy Galore
First Appearance: Goldfinger--1964
Photo taken: Late 1950's
[Baby Tracy Image] Actress: Diana Rigg
Role: Teresa Di Vicenzo
First Appearance: On Her Majesty's Secret Service--1969
Photo taken: Early 1960's
[Baby Tiffany Case Image] Actress: Jill St. John
Role: Tiffany Case
First Appearance: Diamonds are Forever--1971
Photo taken: Late 1950's
[Baby Anya Image] Actress: Barbara Bach
Role: Anya Amassova
First Appearance: The Spy Who Loved Me--1977
Photo taken: Late 1960's
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