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Bond's BMWs
BMW Z3 Roadster
Used only in GoldenEye, the Z3 was all talk but no show. Supposedly it had all the usual gadgets and more: stinger missiles in the headlights. However, the car had about a 30 second stint in the movie; far overshadowed by the Aston Martin chase in the beginning.
[BMW 750i]
BMW 750iL
This time Q gave Bond a more sturdy, less sporty BMW. Once again it had all the usual refinements. Controlled by an Ericsson mobile phone, the car also had spikes that dropped out, a wire cutter, a great security system, reinflatable tires, rockets on the roof, and a handy safe above the glove compartment.
BMW R1200C Motorcycle
Every once in a while Bond drive a vehicle that has no gadgets. While escaping from Elliot Carver's Vietnam headquarters, the handcuffed Bond and Wai Lin steal this beautiful BMW cruiser and escape certain death in every possible way. The motorcycle actually survived the chase, unlike the pursuers.

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