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Weekend Web Pick

THEIR DESCRIPTION: "My name is Bond, James Bond", was a quote that every cinemaphile remembers. But, how many of you remember the company in every Bond film-"Universal Exports". The web site is named after the company and the webmaster has spent an inordinate amount of time and money making this website "007" authentic. I didn't realize that the Bond Films spanned a whole generation. I saw DR.NO in a Brooklyn movie house in 1962. Be prepared to devote several hours to this site.

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Best of the Internet

Award of the Up2Day-editorial (Movie Category)

THEIR DESCRIPTION: You already know this. But it's not restricted to James Bond films or Sean Connery's roles as an acteur. In addition Universal Exports informs you about everything related to Bond (i.e. James Bond), as for example the films, the Walther PPK, Bond's cars and the roles of Bond- acteurs. (Language: Englisch)
(Originally in German)

Special thanks to Sven Thomas for translating the German review.

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Mac's Picks of the Week

Web Sites of the Week

THEIR DESCRIPTION: It seems that, over every Christmas-New Year holiday, TVNZ trots out yet another old James Bond film for us to watch. Having said that, old "shaken, not stirred" has his own web site too. Have a look at the Universal Exports - James Bond site if you are a fan.

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GameSpot UK

5 Star Bond Site

THEIR DESCRIPTION: This site includes all the usual material on the films (Bonds, babes, cars, etc), and goes that one step better by providing rare facts, gossip and exclusive pictures. There's a massive amount of sound files that can be downloaded, plus video clips and a trivia quiz. The design makes it easy to find the huge amounts of material.

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The James Bond Consortium

Seal Of Greatness

THEIR DESCRIPTION: Me and my employees at The James Bond Consortium bestow upon you this prestigous award, The James Bond Consortium Seal Of Greatness, in light of your incredible contributions to the otherwise bland collection of 007 websites available. This is a symbol of quality and should be presented with pride in the fact that you, webmaster of Universal Exports, have created a page that ranks in the top 5% of all 007 pages anywhere.

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Dr. Daniel's Movie Emergency


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Paul's Bond Page

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Much Crap About Nothing

1999 Best Site of the Year


Universal Exports has also been mentioned in the British film magazine, Empire, on North Country Public Radio, in USA Today and on Chuo FM Radio, Ottowa.

The site also received the following writeup in the New Zealand TV Guide, "Long Time Bond Site: This site has been going online since 1996 and it continues to be a rich resource for Bond backgrounders and trivia. There's even an analysis of what Sigmund Freud might make of Bond's exploits."

Net Guide New Zealand voted Universal Exports one of its top 50 overall movie sites and wrote, "As any true Bond fan will tell you, Universal Exports is the "front" for his real employer. This site is devoted to just about everything Bond-related. Read about gadgets used in the films, locations where scenes were shot, Bond collectables, the various Bond satires, asn some of the lesser known facts. There's also a message board and chatroom, and an invitation to submit ideas for what you'd like to see on the site."

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