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[Bernard Lee Image]
Name: M
Position: Head of MI6
Portrayed by: Bernard Lee
Dates of Employment: 1962 - 1979

Summary: The only person James Bond answers to. M gives Bond his orders and a few words of encouragement. He and Bond share an interesting friendship that is based upon mutual respect, shared experiences and a desire to do good. First portrayed by Bernard Lee, M was present in every movie through 1979's Moonraker. Sadly, shortly after filming wrapped, Lee passed away.

Photos: Lee 1
[Robert Brown Image]
Name: M
Position: Head of MI6
Portrayed by: Robert Brown
Dates of Employment: 1983 - 1989

Summary: After Bernard Lee died in 1979, the producers kept the character of M out of For Your Eyes Only as a sign of respect and while they searched to find the new M. Lee's replacement was Robert Brown who played Admiral Hargreaves in The Spy Who Loved Me. Beginning in Octopussy, Brown's M was meant to be the same man as Lee's. The relationship between M and Bond continued to have its ups and downs until it hit rock bottom with Bondıs resignation in Licence to Kill.

Photos: Brown 1 | Brown 2 | Brown 3
[Dame Judi Dench Image]
Name: M
Position: Head of MI6
Portrayed by: Judi Dench
Dates of Employment: 1995 - present

Summary: Dame Judi Dench, a well known stage, screen and television star, portrays the new M for the Pierce Brosnan Era. A fresh take on the character, M disapproves of Bond's methods and considers him a sexist, misogynist dinosaur. Although their first meeting in GoldenEye was wrought with tension, the two have developed a mutual respect for each other since then. In Tomorrow Never Dies, you can see genuine care on her face when she thinks Bond has been killed in the pre-credit sequence.

Photos: Dench 1
[Moneypenny Image]
Name: Moneypenny
Position: Secretary to M
Portrayed by: Lois Maxwell
Dates of Employment: 1962 - 1985

Summary: Moneypenny is M's personal secretary. Always eavesdropping on meetings, she knows many of Britain's best kept secrets. She is fully trusted not only by M and Bond, but by many high ranking government officials. Perhaps her most well known quality is her undying affection for Bond. No matter how many women Bond sleeps with or how many times he rejects her, she always keeps hope. It also doesn't hurt that most every time Bond sees her they have a small sexual innuendo filled dialogue that often ends with Moneypenny in Bond's lap.

Photos: Maxwell 1
[Moneypenny Image]
Name: Moneypenny
Position: Secretary to M
Portrayed by: Caroline Bliss
Dates of Employment: 1987 - 1989

Summary: When Timothy Dalton came to the Bond series the producers decided that Lois Maxwell was getting a bit old for the role. They decided to start fresh with a new actress and a new portrayal of Moneypenny. Caroline Bliss played Moneypenny as a more intelligent woman (hence the glasses) and more infatuated with Bond than ever. Audiences, however, didn't like the new look and when Dalton left the role, so did Caroline Bliss.

Photos: Bliss 1 | Bliss 2
[Moneypenny Image]
Name: Moneypenny
Position: Secretary to M
Portrayed by: Samantha Bond
Dates of Employment: 1995 - present

Summary: Another new Bond and another new Moneypenny. Samantha Bond plays 007's favorite personal secretary with a wit and charm that has been lacking since Lois Maxwell's early films. More independent than in the past, Moneypenny actually had a date and joked about sexual harassment. She has continued in Lois Maxwell's tradition of teasing Bond about his promiscuous ways. Samantha Bond also has the distinction of being the only Moneypenny to kiss James Bond in Die Another Day.

Photos: Samantha Bond 1
[Desmond Llewelyn Image]
Name: Q
Position: Head of Q Branch
Portrayed by: Desmond Llewelyn
Dates of Employment: 1962 - 1999

Summary: Refered to as Major Boothroyd for the first two films. the character of Q never existed until Goldfinger. Never even in Fleming's books, Q was created by a clever scriptwriter. One of the most beloved men in the series, Desmond Lleweleyn was the only person to act with all five Bonds. Through 19 movies, the relationship between Bond and Q grew from one of total one of irritation in each other's ways to a true friendship. Sadly, Desmond Llewelyn died in a tragic car crash in 1999: exactly one month after the premire of The World Is Not Enough.

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[Anatol Gogol Image]
Name: Anatol Gogol
Position: General/Head of KGB
Portrayed by: Walter Gotell
Dates of Employment: 1977 - 1987

Summary: For years, General Anatol Gogol was the head of the KGB. Beginning with The Spy Who Loved Me, Gogol and M strived for Anglo-Soviet cooperation. This meant anything from sharing a microfilm acquired by Triple-X (with considerable ease), to arranging for an immigration visa for Kara Milovy. On occasion though, Gogol worked against MI6. For example, For Your Eyes Only was about Gogol trying to get the ATAC decoding device before the British recovered it. By 1987, Gogol had retired from the KGB and gone to work for civil services. No doubt making time for one of his many lady friends.

Photos: Gogol 1 | Gogol 2 | Gogol 3 | Gogol 4
[Felix Leiter Image]
Name: Felix Leiter
Position: CIA Field Agent
Portrayed by: Various
Dates of Employment: 1962 - 1989

Summary: Felix Leiter has been Bond's connection to the American government and the C.I.A. since the book Casino Royale and the movie Dr. No. Leiter is also one of Bond's closest and only steady friends. An invaluable aid in many missions, Leiter always has an answer or a way out for Bond. The character has been played by numerous actors over the years: Jack Lord (Dr. No), Cec Linder (Goldfinger), Rik Van Nutter (Thunderball), Norman Burton (Diamonds Are Forever), David Hedison (Live and Let Die and Licence To Kill) and John Terry (The Living Daylights). In Licence to Kill, Leiter's leg was chewed off by sharks and he was left for dead. He lived and began to recover from his injuries but at the present time he is not fit for C.I.A. duty.

Photos: Jack Lord | Cec Linder | Rick Van Nutter | Norman Burton
David Hedison (LLD) | John Terry | David Hedison (LTK)
[Jack Wade Image]
Name: Jack Wade
Position: CIA Field Agent
Portrayed by: Joe Don Baker
Dates of Employment: 1995 - 1997

Summary: Since Felix Leiter is unable to assist Bond in his missions due to his shark-related injuries, a new American sidekick was assigned to Bond. Jack Wade is a middle aged man who has had many love interests, enjoys gardening and has a rose shaped tattoo over his right butt cheek that says "Muffy". His response to it is: "...Third wife, long story...". Bond seems to have a low opinion of Wade and thinks of him as more of a resource than a friend. In Tomorrow Never Dies, when Bond shows up in his naval uniform and Wade is in a flower shirt you can see the disgust on Bondıs face.

Photos: Wade 1
[Bill Tanner Image]
Name: Bill Tanner
Position: Chief of Staff
Portrayed by: Various
Dates of Employment: 1981 - present

Summary: A long time charcter in Fleming's novels, Bill Tanner made his first appeareance in For Your Eyes Only after Bernard Lee's death kept M out of the film. Tanner is the Chief of Staff for MI6 and after Robert Brown became M, Tanner was a main-stay in his office during Bond's briefings. Tanner continues to make short appearances in the Pierce Brosnan movies, including when he was caught calling the new M "the evil queen of numbers."

Photos: GoldenEye 1
[Draco Image]
Name: Marc Ange Draco
Position: Tracy's Father
Portrayed by: Gabriele Ferzetti
Dates of Employment: 1969

Summary: After saving Tracy numerous times, Marc Ange Draco brought Bond in for a discussion in which Draco offered Bond one million dollars to marry Tracy. Before Bond finally did marry Tracy (and reject the money), Draco told Bond the whereabouts of Blofeld and helped him raid Piz Gloria. Draco would return in Raymond Benson's Never Dream of Dying, but has yet to reappear on screen.

Photos: Draco 1

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