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Toyota 2000 GT
Driven by Aki, this car was state of the art in 1967 with the first in-car television. The first Sony in a car and also, the first Japanese car instead of the traditional English car. Regarded as one of the finest collectible sports cars ever made, the car is currently valued at over $60,000.
Thanks to Mike Hightower for the info
[69 Cougar]
1969 Cougar Convertible
When Tracy rescues Bond from Piz Gloria in On Her Majesty's Secret Service, she does so in her red 1969 Cougar Convertible. In it, they manage to escape from Irma Bunt and win a race. Lucky for Bond, the car couldn't handle the snowstorm and he and Tracy had to hit the hay (pun fully intended) for the night.
[Moon Buggy]
The Moon Buggy
While escaping from Willard Whyte's (under Blofeld's control) lab in Diamonds are Forever, Bond walks into a moon landing simulation. There, he steals a Moon Buggy and drives through a wall and into the Las Vegas desert. There, he out maneuvered cars and motorbikes.
[71 Mustang]
1971 Mustang Mach 1
After Bond escapes in the Moon Buggy in Diamonds are Forever, Tiffany is waiting outside with her 1971 Mustang Mach 1. This sleek car manages to evade the Las Vegas police and make one of the most notorious bloopers in Bond history. When it goes down the ally and tips to one side, it comes out on the other. Oops!
[Double Decker]
San Monique Bus
When Bond and Solitaire get to the bottom of Kananga's poppy fields in Live and Let Die, they steal a double decker bus to finish their getaway. During the pursuit, the bus loses its second layer and does a few spins in puddles.
[AMC Hornet]
AMC Hornet
When chasing after Goodnite in The Man With The Golden Gun, Bond steals an AMC Hornet with Sheriff JW Pepper in it. During the chase Bond deputizes the Sheriff and makes an impossible jump with a really terrible sound effect.
Citroen 2CV
After Bond has to hit the self-destruct button in his Lotus in For Your Eyes Only, he has to rely on Milena's Citroen 2CV to get away. Although the car may look like a joke, it actually is quite sturdy. With it, they go rolling down hills, jumping over trees, and more.
[The Tank]
The Tank
Yet another vehicle used in yet another chase/escape scene. This time the movie was GoldenEye and the car was actually a tank. ID number 343, Bond chased Ourumov down the streets of St. Petersburg in a stolen Russian tank. New government, same old antics.

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