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Sep 09 2012

The Skyfall Casino Scene

As Skyfall’s release date draws closer, there are many things I’m excited about. One of them is the amazing-looking Casino scene that has Bond floating through a eerily-lit entrance.

The casino scene in Skyfall

The casino scene in Skyfall


There will be a scene where tuxedo-clad Bond gets into an action at a floating casino in Macao.

The particular scene, which allegedly will see firework being lit as the boat Bond boards passes between two dragon heads, reportedly has “a certain gravity” and that director Sam Mendes has “put a mysterious depth in it.” The casino shown in the scene itself is said to be resembling “a kingdom of the dead.”

Ace Showbiz


Skyfall will mark the first time Bond has been in Macau since 1974′s The Man With the Golden Gun, when he also visited a floating casino. That one, unfortunately, no longer exists. How neat would it have been if Daniel Craig went to the same casino as Roger Moore had… and if Roger Moore had a cameo as a baccarat dealer. Oh well, that’s not going to happen.

Also interesting is that Carta Mundi will once again supply the casino chips for Skyfall. They last had a role in the Bond franchise in 2006′s Casino Royale.

Belgium playing card manufacturer Carta Mundi supplied casino chips for use in Skyfall, according to an article published by our friends at MI6 via a translated press release issued by the company.

Carta Mundi supplied cards and chips for Casino Royale and have provided licenced 007 products for a number of years, including 50th anniversary poker sets. The article also says that Carta Mundi will supply Skyfall cards and poker sets later in the year.

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In case you missed it, here is the Skyfall trailer…


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